Outdoor Camping Tent Sleeping Pad With Pillows

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Lightweight egg trough type air cushion camping inflatable cushion camping moisture-proof cushion sleeping pad floating row
The advantages of this inflatable cushion are mainly its small size and lightweight after storage.
The upper and lower layers fit the structure, and the thickness after inflating is nearly 5 cm, which is comfortable and comfortable.
Better moisture resistance, quick and easy to inflate and deflate, in addition to
Use 40D nylon fabric to compound 0.08MM thickness of environmentally friendly TPU material,
The air tightness is super strong, and it is durable and reliable even in a low-temperature environment.

Product Information:
Material: Nylon
Size: 195*59*5cm
Fabric: Eco-friendly TPU material
Tile size: length 230CM* width 60CM
Inflatable size: length 190CM* width 59CM* thickness 5CM

Package Content:

1X inflatable cushion


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