Female Sun Protection Straw Hat

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Name: Parent-child empty straw hat
Material: Straw
Size: 50-53cm for children, suitable for 2-10 years old, head circumference of 57cm for adults
Note: Because the material is straw woven, it may cause skew during transportation, and it is not a quality problem if it is corrected.
A: Adult beige flowers,
B: Adult khaki florets,
C: Adult pink flowers,
D: Adult black flowers,
E: Adult navy blue flower,
F: Adult beige,
G: Adult khaki,
H: Adult pink,
I: Adult black,
J: Adult navy blue,
K: Children's beige,
L: Children's khaki,
M: Children's pink,
N: Children's black,
O: Children's navy blue,
P: Children's beige orange,
Q: Children's khaki pineapple,
R: Children's navy blue fox,
S: Child white dinosaur,
T: Child black dinosaur,
Size: One size


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