Outdoor Ultrasonic USB Rechargeable Anti Mosquito Repellent

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7-band ultrasonic infinite loop scanning: (13-25KHz/26-35KHz/36-45KHz/46-55KHz/56-65KHz/66-75KHz/76-95KHz)
The variable frequency band returns once every 2 seconds, and all frequencies can work together.
Wide application scenarios: a must-have item for all outdoor activities, especially suitable for camping, hunting, mountaineering, running, hiking, etc.
Safer for children and pets: this insect repellent is 100% safe and effective. For humans and household pets, ultrasound is inaudible
The lithium battery can be charged via the micro USB cable in the package.
Portable hook to carry. With its own hook, it can be hung outdoors.

Colors: White, Black
Material: ABS environmental protection resin
Size: 44.5*12.5*62mm
Packing quantity: 1pack
Box size: 8*6*2CM
DC: 5V / 1-2A
Rated power: 0.007W
Working current: 1.8MA
Battery capacity: 100mAh
Sonic frequency: 13-75khz
Effective range: 10-70㎡
Battery type: polymer lithium battery
Output frequency: 13KHz~75KHz
Charging method: USB charging (support fast charging)
Product features: (6-band ultrasonic infinite loop scanning)
Applicable scenarios: outdoor travel, camping, fishing, outdoor work, baby supplies, pet deworming, safety and environmental protection, harmless to people and pets.

Working principle:
Portable electronic insect repellent This device is based on physical principles and uses electronic simulation technology to achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes and insects. By emitting various sound waves that can stimulate the mosquito's brain, because the mosquitoes cannot tolerate those sound waves, they stay away.


1. This product can be used with USB power adapters, computers, mobile power supplies and other products.
2. When not using this product for a long time. Please disconnect the power to ensure the normal life of the product
3. In order to ensure the stability of the product, it is recommended to choose a 5V-2A charger or mobile power supply for power supply

Package Content:
1x Insect Repellent
1x hook
1x USB data cable


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