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Sports bag type: professional sports bag
Applicable sports: mountain climbing
Applicable gender: neutral / male and female
Material: wear-resistant ripstop nylon
Pattern: Digital Camouflage
Capacity: 36-55L
Color: black, wolf brown, desert digital, ACU digital, jungle digital, CP camouflage

1. Abrasion resistance: Wear-resistant nylon fabric, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, not easy to fade.
2, bag features: stitching and ribbon, the use of high-quality nylon material, long umbrella rope puller, sleek and durable.
3, moisture resistance: strong waterproof, even if the product is used in a humid environment for a long time, or will not rot after intrusion.
4, display personality: two velcro areas in the body, you can match the personality according to your favorite Velcro, make your bag more distinctive.
5, scalability: MOLLE mount expansion system design can be combined with other equipment, can load waist bags, kettle bags, accessory bags and so on.
6, strong accessories: the body parts use the strength of the nylon buckle, with the body of the same color, cold and resistant to collision and not easy to crack deformation.
7, multiple choices: with black, wolf brown, desert digital, jungle digital CP camouflage and other colors to choose from.
  8, easy to care: the surface is not easy to adhere to dust. Smudged, easy to take care of.
9, large capacity: can be placed under 14 inches of notebook computers, IPad4 A4 books, magazines about 10 or so compassionate and other objects.




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