Outdoor Camping Lightweight Kitchen Kit

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Product Introduction:

This is great outdoor camping helper, It includes all the kits you need in the kitchen, including pots, forks, spoons, camp stoves, so you don’t have to worry about cooking or eating during long outdoor vacations.

What's more,because it is lightweight and convenient, you can carry it freely in your backpack! Enjoy camping trips with friends and lover without having to worry about eating! More importantly, it is a good helper in life that can be used as a gift to people around you, express your love for them.


1.High Quality Easy to Clean: Non-toxic anodized aluminum pot and frying pan, easy to clean.

2.Perfect Gift for Yourself: It is suitable for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities. Lightweight and extremely durable anodized aluminum perfect for backpacker.

3.Imported high-grade hard aluminum alumina:The lightweight high-temperature resistant cooking pan pot bowl set is Non Toxic anodized aluminum, solid and durable.

4.Convenient:All the objects in this cooking set can be stored together in a mesh bag for space saving and convenient carry. Both the cooking set and stove have foldable handles for space saving and compactness.

Package Includes:

CP01:1x 1L Big pot;1x 0.5L Small pot;1x Stainless stove;3x PP Plastic bowls;1x PP plastic soup spoon;1x Stainless foldable spoon/fork/knife;1x Bamboo shovel;1x Loofah sponge;1x Hang hook;

CP06:1x Big pot ;1x Teapot ;1x Pan;1x Mini stove;2x Cups ;1x Spoon/fork/knife;1x Shovel;1x Climbing buckle;1x Dishwashing ball;

CP10:2x Frying pans;2x Pots;3x Bowls;1x Tablespoon; 1x Ladle;2x Fork spoon;1 Set of knife, fork and spoon;1x Climbing buckle;1xBurner;

CP14:1x Big pot;1x Small pot;1x Teapot;1x Pan;1x Bamboo shovel;1x Washing bal;6x Plastic bowls;3 x Plastic dishes;

CP28:1x 2.4L Pot;1x 1L Pan;1x Teapot;3x Cup;3x Spork;3x Dishes;1x Washing cloth;2x Small bag;

Size Chart:


1L anodized Alu.Pot:5.5\' diameterx4.5\' height;5.8oz weight;

0.5L anodized Alu.Pot:5.2\' diameterx2.5\' height;3.7oz weight;

Stainless stove:4.5\' diameterx8.3\' height;7.1oz weight;


Pot:17cm/6.69in diameterx10cm/3.94in height;

Teapot:15cm/5.91in bottom diameter x 10cm/3.94in top bottomx8cm/3.15in height;

Frying pan:18cm/7.09in diameterx4.5cm/1.77in heightx9.5cm/3.74in handle length;


Large pot:16.3cm/6.4in diameterx9.2cm/3.6in height;

Small pot:14.3cm/5.6in diameterx8cm/3.1in height;

Large pan:16.5cm/6.5in diameterx4.7cm/1.9in height;

Small pan:14.3cm/5.6in diameterx4.7cm/1.6in height;


Frying pan (1) size: 195 * 55MM,

Large pot (1) size: 190 * 122MM,

Middle pot (1) size: 166 * 89MM,

Teapot (1) diameter 140MM, height 80MM, lid diameter 90MM;


Pot:18cm/7.1in diameterx11cm/4.3in height;

Pan:18.5cm/7.3in diameterx5.2cm/2in height;

Teapot:15cm/5.9‘’ bottom diameterx9.5cm/3.7in top diameterx8cm/3.1in height;


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