Mini Outdoor Portable Nylon Waterproof Mat

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1. Small and light can be easily carried after folding.
2. With a hand-woven belt for easy carrying.
3. Super soft fabric stain-proof.
4. Waterproof PEM film at the base has good waterproof performance
5. In the outdoor: can be used as a picnic mat, beach mat, or moisture-proof mat.
6. At home: can be used as a children's crawling mat, play mat, or sleeping mat.


Material: Nylon
Weight: 50 grams (g)
Size: 70*110cm, 110*150, 150*180
Fabric: 210T diamond-shaped nylon lattice
Applicable number: outdoor users
Moisture-proof pad type: Waterproof
Color: red, blue
Specifications (length * width): 70*110cm, 110*150cm, 150*180cm (cm)

Package Content:

Beach Mat*1


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