Insect repeller

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Ultrasound can make pests uncomfortable and run away.
The hull is made of ultrasonic repellent made of ABS plastic material. Good touch, sturdy and durable.
Deworming products use advanced ultrasonic technology. Non-toxic, safe and effective! This will not cause any harm to your family's health.
Odorless and tasteless. It rejects pests and does not kill pests. Low power consumption. Respect the environment.
Insect repellents are widely used in homes, warehouses, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, gardens, food warehouses, etc.
Shell material: ABS
color: White
Size: as shown
Power: 5-6 watts
Voltage: AC 90V~250V 50-60Hz
Frequency range: 22-65 KHz
Specifications: European version, US version

Effective coverage: 80~120 square meters


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