Gas Cassette Outdoor Fire Gun

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Adjustable flame control and automatic power button.
The patented system allows the device to be safely used at a 360 degree angle after 2 minutes of warm-up.
Compatible with standard butane gas cylinders.
The compact, lightweight ergonomic design fits easily into the hands and is safe to use and easy to carry and carry.
Suitable for home and workshop use, suitable for cooking, defrosting, micro welding, melting, welding, etc.
Cooking and Restoration: Flame, Caramel, Brown, add color and texture to food, pick, finish food presentation, and add drama when serving.
BBQ and fire lighting.
Thaw and thaw the chilled water pipes.
Hobbies and crafts!
Joint welding
Cut the paint!
Type of gas torch
Material ABS, chrome-plated brass
Quantity is 1
Project color as shown



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