Outdoor Pocket Watch Copper Compass

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Product information:
Name: Flip Pocket Watch Compass
Item No.: G50
Color: golden
Specification: 72*50*16mm
Material: copper, acrylic
Weight: 45g/single net weight 50g/single gross weight
Packing: 24pcs/box 240pcs/box
Box gauge: 36*20.5*38cm

Important product tips:
1. The small V-shaped notch on the lid is the opening force point, not a manufacturing defect.
2. Explanation about luminous light: Fluorescent materials can store light energy after being irradiated by natural light, fluorescent light, ultraviolet light, etc., and after stopping light irradiation, they will slowly release in the form of fluorescence, so at night or in the dark At places, you can still see the light, which lasts as long as several hours to ten hours. Therefore, the product will only shine after the light absorbs light.


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