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[product name]: red wine electric lumbar

[product packaging]: OPP bag + paper card

[product model]: BY-106

[product color]: red line, white line

[product size]: 30*34*10CM

[Material]: Microfiber + Memory Cotton

1, according to the human body mechanics, the front with a large number of original massage cylinder, built-in vibration starter, leaning on the waist, with massage function, is conducive to human blood circulation.

2, using physiotherapy design, correcting the back seat posture, and maintaining the relaxation of the waist when sitting for a long time.

3, connected to the car DC 12V power supply, the vibration speed of the lumbar support can be freely adjusted, with a line control switch.

4, the product is equipped with elastic band, can be directly placed on the seat, easy to use.

5, cigarette lighter line length of 1.5 meters, for all models.

【Product Features】:

1. Improve blood circulation and accelerate the body's metabolism.

2, built-in far-infrared heating film, which makes the body warm.

3, promote the smooth flow of the body's meridians, relieve muscle soreness.

4, using physiotherapy design, correcting the back seat posture, keeping the waist when sitting for a long time

[Microfiber skin features]:

The appearance of microfiber leather is most like leather, and its product is superior to natural leather in terms of thickness uniformity, tear strength, color brightness and leather surface utilization. It has become the development direction of contemporary synthetic leather. If the surface of the microfiber surface is dirty, it can be scrubbed with high-grade gasoline or water. It can not be scrubbed with other organic solvents or alkaline substances to prevent quality damage.

1, the folding fastness can be comparable with natural leather. Normal temperature bending reaches 200,000 times without cracks, low temperature bending, 30,000 times without cracks (temperature resistance, good mechanical properties).

2, the elongation is moderate (good skin feeling).

3. High tear strength and peel strength (high abrasion resistance, tearing strength, tensile strength).

4. There will be no pollution from production to use, and the environmental protection performance is superior.

[Note]: Confirm that the installation location does not affect the driver's driving.


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